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Author: Petra

Kato Zakros

At the end of a dazzling road, on the far east coast of Crete, lies the small village of Kato Zakros in a fertile valley with olive groves. It has a beautiful little tranquil beach, crystal clear water and some very nice tavernas. The perfect place for a combination of tranquility, relaxing, walking and exploring a Minoan settlement. Because it’s remote, it is not crowded, and especially outside of the high season, you really get an ‘end of the world’ feeling here. Really worth a visit on it’s own, or as part of a day trip. The ancient Minoan...

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Kritsá is a traditional mountain village with old houses and narrow streets, about 11 km from Agios Nikólaos, built amphitheatrically on a rock hill (Kastellos) at an altitude of 375 m. The 2000 inhabitants keep the old Cretan traditions and the town is famous for the hand-woven textiles and embroidery. Kritsá is a thriving agricultural community closely linked with the Katharo Plateau, which produces abundant fruit, vegetables and animal grazing areas. The plateau is some 16km up from Kritsá along a winding road with many bends. To get to Kritsá you can take different roads. We took the one...

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Ha gorge

Everyone who has driven the road from Ierapetra to the Gulf of Mirabella or viceversa, has seen the awe-inspiring Ha gorge from a distance. It’s on the westside of the Thrypti mountains, close to Vasiliki and the little village of Monastiraki. The gorge is about 1.5km long, very narrow (in some places only 30cm!) and the walls rise up hundreds of meters. Only a few, very experienced, climbers have been inside, as it is extremely difficult to cross, and accidents have happened in the past, even fatal. The area inside and around is an important wildlife habitat. Technically it...

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The gorge of Kritsá

The gorge of Kritsá or Havga, a narrow and beautiful gorge, begins near the village of Kritsá and ends at the village Tapes. It’s 13km long and reaches a depth of 300m and is only 1.5m wide in some places. It is easily accessible, only in some places you have to climb over some big rocks (not very difficult). The entrance of the gorge is impressive, like the mountain has been torn in two, shaping the narrow passage of Havgas. Apart from the main path starting next to the stone bridge of Kritsá, there’s a second trail starting in...

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Agios Nikólaos, Elounda and Spinalonga

Agios Nikólaos is the capital of the Prefecture of Lasithi with around 10 000 residents and lies along the Bay of Mirabello. It’s named after the Byzantine chapel of St. Nicholas, built during the 7th century AD. The town is built on the location of the ancient ‘Lato pros Kamara’, the port of ancient Lato. One of the main features and attractions is the picturesque Lake Voulismeni, a small lagoon in the center of the town. It’s connected to the sea with a harbor on the other side of the bridge. There is also a big harbor, the marina,...

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