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Author: Petra

Gournia Minoan settlement

A short drive from Agios Nikolaos lies the archaeological site of Gournia on the north coast. Gournia – the ancient name of which is not known – is the most characteristic of the excavated medium-size settlements, dated to the period of the peak of the Minoan culture (Late Minoan I period: 1550-1450 B.C.). Gournia gives a really good picture of what a Late Bronze Age town looked like. The name “Gournia” was given to it by the locals because of the stone basins (“gournes” in Greek) as a lot of the site was visible even before excavations started. Gournia...

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Istron beach

Golden Beach at Istron, also called Voulisma beach, is a beautiful beach with golden sand and turquoise water. Next to the main road is a sign ‘Voulisma beach’, where you find a parking area.  From there steps go down to the beach below. At the top of the stairs is a little kantina for drinks and snacks, and across the main road is a taverna when you want to really eat and drink something. The beach is highly organized with showers, pedal boats, and full of beach chairs for rent. In summer it can be very crowded there, but...

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Males and Christos

Driving up from Myrtos, past Mythi and the Sarakina gorge, after about 12kms, you come to the historic village of Males at 550m above sea level. Males (or Malles), on of the largest villages in the area, took it’s name from the ancient Malla, a city-state with its own army and coin, that was located nearby.  It has many olive groves around, an olive oil factory, and a wonderful view down to Myrtos and the sea.       The area has been inhabited since Hellenic and Roman times and in Venetian times it was a large village, ruled...

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