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Kalamafka gorge


Kalamafka or Havgas gorge is relatively unknown. The gorge is not so long and easy to walk, but very beautiful with small pine trees, rock formations, caves and running water. Inside the gorge you can find caves that were used as hiding places during WWII by Cretan rebels (and Allies)

The gorge starts just outside the village; there’s a clear sign on the road. Park the car at the main road, unless you have a 4WD because the little road that goes inside is not suitable for normal cars (I know, I tried..)
Follow this road until you see a sign. From there you can follow the footpath through the gorge. You can walk all the way to Estavromenos (and back) if you like. It is a beautiful walk through wild countryside with rocks all around.

How to get there:

When you come from the direction of Anatoli, the gorge starts just before Kalamafka. On the left side of the road, just before the graveyard is a sign (see picture above). Coming from the other direction, drive through the village in the direction of Anatoli, until you see the sign.

Other sights in the same area:

  • Kalamafka
  • Anatoli
  • Estavromenos
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Kalamafka gorge




Panagia Vryomeni monastery



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