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The gorge of Kritsá

The gorge of Kritsá

The gorge of Kritsá or Havga, a narrow and beautiful gorge, begins near the village of Kritsá and ends at the village Tapes. It’s 13km long and reaches a depth of 300m and is only 1.5m wide in some places.
It is easily accessible, only in some places you have to climb over some big rocks (not very difficult).

The entrance of the gorge is impressive, like the mountain has been torn in two, shaping the narrow passage of Havgas. Apart from the main path starting next to the stone bridge of Kritsá, there’s a second trail starting in the village. After about an hour there is an exit-point, from where you can walk back to Kritsá or on to Lato, if you do not want to walk the entire gorge.

From the entrance you walk down to the riverbed and soon you reach the amazing narrow part. Every corner gives another “wow” and makes you want to keep going and see what’s next. The silence inside the gorge is wonderful, and now, in spring, the flowers are blooming everywhere. We only walked the first part because we also wanted to go to Lato, but we are surely coming back to walk a lot further!

How to get there:

The gorge lies just after the village of Kritsa, on the road to Lato. On the left side is a sign to a dusty road and if you follow that you can leave your car there and walk down into the gorge.

Other sights in the area:

Kritsa gorge


Agios Nikolaos




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