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Ha gorge


Everyone who has driven the road from Ierapetra to the Gulf of Mirabella or viceversa, has seen the awe-inspiring Ha gorge from a distance.
It’s on the westside of the Thrypti mountains, close to Vasiliki and the little village of Monastiraki.

The gorge is about 1.5km long, very narrow (in some places only 30cm!) and the walls rise up hundreds of meters.

ha gorge
Only a few, very experienced, climbers have been inside, as it is extremely difficult to cross, and accidents have happened in the past, even fatal.
ha gorge view

The area inside and around is an important wildlife habitat. Technically it is not a gorge or canyon, but a rift,  formed by a tectonic earthquake.
Follow the signs for Monastiraki and Ha gorge from the main road and drive up to the little white church that is close to the entrance. There you can park the car, have a look in the church and look back at the Gulf of Mirabella in the distance.
Follow the path behind the church to the entrance of the Gorge.

ha gorge
ha chapel
ha gorge

From there you can’t look into the gorge much, just walk around a bit to see more. Or, if you want, climb up a little and look inside. The rocks look like rectangular and square blocks on top of each other, and the colors are beautiful.

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