Petra on Crete Lasithi

At the end of a beautiful mountain, among vineyards and lots of olive trees, is a little village called Orinó. The village is up in the mountains at 640 m altitude and the name itself means mountainous. It is a picturesque village with a magnificent view and rich vegetation. It is surrounded by a pine-tree forest and at the south of the village is the big butterfly gorge.

The village has 172 residents, 620 sheep and 380 goats. It is about 11 km inland from the main road and the sea. Orinó was already listed in the Venetian census as Orno, and had 217 inhabitants at that time.
Drive up from the village to where the E4-walking-path passes, and you get amazing views of the village, the mountains, the sea and the road down to Stavrochori.

If you drive or walk through the village you end up at a beautiful little church, from where you look down towards the sea. Famous is the gorge that lies between the village and the sea. The gorge of Red Butterflies starts at the little forest of Koutsouras, and ends just 2 kms far from Orinó. Or walk it from the top back down; it takes about 3-4 hour to walk (starting from Orinó village and bypassing the wild part of Orinó gorge).

How to get there:

There are several roads you can take. The fastest one is to drive up from Kolymbos, just after Galini.
Another option, and a beautiful one, is to drive up to Agios Ioannis (from Koutsounari, not far from Ierapetra) and from there (passing Psychro) to Schinokapsala and then up to Orino. And the third option is to drive up from Koutsouras to Stavrochori and from there to Orino. The road from Stavrochori to Orino is mostly dusty road and not always in super condition, but most of the time good enough for any car.
There is a forth road, the most adventurous and beautiful one, is a mountain road from Thrypti, but you need a 4WD for that one.

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